GeoCare™ Service and Maintenance

The GeoCare service and maintenance department at GeoTility is one of most important features of our comprehensive delivery of geothermal technology. Built around a team of seasoned Journeyman Technicians with over 70 years experience, we can ensure that our customers are achieving the maximum benefits from their  investment in "Today's Answer" to energy savings and green house gas reductions related to space heating and cooling. All our technicians are industry trained to provide full service and maintenance programs on our exclusive line of GeoTility Heat Pumps as well as all other brands. GeoTility offers 24 hour service, 365 days a year to keep your geothermal system operating at peak performance.

* All service and maintenance procedures must be performed by a certified geothermal service technician

Typical service and maintenance contracts cover the following procedures:

  1. Visual inspection of all drives, motors and controls
  2. Visual inspection of condensate drain and pan
  3. Check all electrical/wiring connections
  4. Visual inspection of system air filtration device
  5. Check and record voltage and amperage draws
  6. Check and record geothermal loop pressure
  7. Check geothermal loop pump(s) operation
  8. Check and record geothermal loop operating temperature and perform heat extraction calculation and verify with system data
  9. Check thermostat and associated controls
  10. Check and confirm operation of auxiliary heater (if applicable)
  11. Check heat recover ventilation (if applicable)
  12. Check humidifier (if applicable)

GeoTility's GeoCare service and maintenance department is also responsible for our warranty programs.  We service what we sell and we sell the best the industry has to offer. Rest assured that your geothermal system will give you many years of reliable and efficient results.

GeoCare™ Service and Maintenance

Geothermal technology is clean, efficient and reliable. To ensure it remains that way, it should be maintained at least annually.

  - Les Shaw – Service Manager