GeoFit™ Retrofit Program

GeoTility, Canada's largest and most experienced geothermal company announces our new "GeoFit"™ program for home owners. Increase the value of your property while saving money and the environment. The leader in new geothermal construction installations now offers cost effective options for updating existing homes with the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly space heating/cooling technology on the market.

Federal and Provincial Grants may be Available


Retrofit Considerations

  • Electrical supply - 200 amp service
  • Disturbance to landscaping
  • Drilling platform - clear water services
  • Access to drilling site
  • Access for trenching
  • Drainage for slurry
  • Access to mechanical room
  • Adequate distribution - ducts/hydronics


The energy efficiency of a geothermal heating/cooling system adds to the value of the home. The National Association of Realtors Appraisal Journal estimates that a home's value increases by $10 - $25 for every $1 reduction in utility bills



Commercial/Industrial Retrofits

Up to $50,000.00 available through the Federal EcoEnergy program to retrofit existing commercial and industrial buildings including multifamily residential.

GeoFit™ Retrofit Program
GeoFit™ Retrofit Program

After much research we hired GeoTility to retrofit our 20 year old home with a vertical loop geothermal heating/cooling. We really couldn't be happier with the results.

They were respectful of our property and belongings and did their utmost to not cause 'collateral' damage.

We were consulted along the way as they were adamant about doing the job to meet our needs.

We are very pleased with the operation of the system. The house is more comfortable and the system is very quiet.

GeoTility provided a firm all-inclusive price and there were no financial surprises.

We feel fortunate to have chosen GeoTility and we would recommend their services to anyone thinking of a geothermal installation.

  - Kevin Bettuzi – West Kelowna

"I believe that the cost of natural gas will go higher over the years and I wanted to control this expense now and especially into the future. GeoTility did a great job of explaining the activities around retrofiting my house and provided me with the best geothermal option that suited my needs and my budget."

  - Rob Reid - Kelowna, BC