Engineering Division

Proper training and experience are at the heart of GeoTility’s engineering department, ensuring that all projects set and maintain the highest possible design and installation standards. The engineering department consists of a core of professional engineers and technologists lead by senior engineer Stuart Yanow.  Mr. Yanow is a Certified Geothermal Designer through the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association and the Canadian Geoexchange Coalition with L.E.E.D (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) accreditation.


Engineering Services:

Site evaluation and feasibility reports

Desktop geological reviews

Formation Thermal Conductivity tests

Evaluation of site specific solutions

Application and integration of multiple technologies


Design Capabilities:

Successful GeoExchange installations begin at the design stage.  Through the use of computerized modeling software and state of the art energy analysis tools, GeoTility ensures the successful operation of its GeoExchange systems.  All systems designed by GeoTility follow a rigorous design process.


Formation Thermal Conductivity Testing:

Formation Thermal Conductivity (FTC) testing provides detailed information regarding the thermal properties of a geological formation.  The results of this testing are used in the detail design calculations used to size the ground heat exchanger and the determination of budgetary costs for the ground heat exchanger.  GeoTility has the capability of providing comprehensive FTC testing including:  drilling and loop installation, operation of an FTC test unit, and detailed reporting.


Design Team Participation:

The mandate of the engineering team at GeoTility is to provide sound engineering solutions.  Working in conjunction with various consulting engineers, GeoTility brings experience and expertise to the design team.

Engineering Division
Engineering Division

Professional engineering is critical to the long term viability of geothermal technology.

  - Stuart Yanow - Senior Engineer